megalight design – the megalight frame weighs 2350 grams. The total weight in full equipment thus remains under 4.0 kilos and is thus 50% below the usual standard.

  • optimal strength with minimal weight. The particularly light aluminum profile comes from the aerospace industry.
  • Extruded and 3D shaped tubes with inner surfaces for alignment and safe positioning of suitable plastic components.
  • Folding points of the frame are geometrically proportioned in order to minimize any stresses and maximize strength.
  • Injection molded parts made of pure, high-strength nylon with additional reinforcement made of glass fibers. All plastic parts are fully recyclable.
  • All logos are printed in high definition screen printing, which results in depth of color and a strong visual appearance. Powder coating matt and scratch resistant.
  • TPE molded handle for comfort, durability and complete weather resistance.
  • Tires made from durable, foamed PU rubber guarantee minimal wear rates and a long service life. Deep tire tread for good grip.
  • 3M connection technology from vehicle construction. Highly bonded components are used instead of mechanical fasteners.
  • High-tech silicone straps reduce components and weight with a modern, technical look.
  • high-quality double deep groove ball bearings and pre-lubricated, encapsulated bearings ensure that the maintenance-free wheels run smoothly.
  • strong magnets from rare earths give the front wheels and the scorecard holder a secure hold. Unique to the wishbone ONE: magnetic connections offer security and trust and at the same time underline the straightforward, technical and clear design concept.
  • optinal: scorecard holder, umbrella holder