Putting represents 30 to 45 % of all strokes (for the lowest estimations) made during 18 holes. Yet, in the hour that precedes the first tee, the great majority of players will spend 45 minutes driving practice, making a dozen chips, but hardly putt at all.
WELLPUTT allows you, not just to putt (as all mats do!) but to learn to putt and to putt well! You can work an alignment, touch, routine and particularly speed. A good putt is the result of a good aim and the right speed. For the first time ever, you will have to pass the hole and finish behind in the “WELLPUTT zone” or the “good putt zone”.
WELLPUTT mats are available in three different lengths and speeds:
  • Wellputt First Putting Mat 3m / 10ft
  • Wellputt Mat green 3m / 10ft
  • Wellputt Mat green 4m / 13ft
  • Wellputt Mat black 4m / 13ft
  • Wellputt Mat THE OPEN 4m / 13ft
  • Welloutt Mat STARS & STRIPES 4m / 13ft
  • Wellputt Mat green 8m / 26ft
  • Ultimate Fitting Mat 5m / 16,4ft


Contact, direction and speed for a perfect roll of the golf-ball! My first goal for this invention was to provide players with a very simple and precise device essentially based on the 3 major components of successful putts : contact, direction and speed are the 3 major components of successful putts. The Wellstroke putting guide (Motion Putting Guide) was born from my collaboration with the WELLPUTT company. This putting guide will help you reproduce the ideal putting movement thanks to the 3 main markers of your swing:

  1. the path of the club for proper contact control.
  2. the clubface orientation for perfect direction
  3. the swing amplitude for good distance control.
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