With it's impressive total weight of only 8,9 kilograms, the NEO is one of the lightest fully electric golf carts on the market. The Wishbone DNA is unmistakable – Cool look, combined with sophisticated technology, new details with a focus on the essentials.

  • full electric cart
  • sleek design
  • twist & go
  • range 18+++

The clear design concept combined with the latest technology is the key to this amazing, new golf cart. The latest engine and drive technology make the EON the lightest and super quiet powered golf cart on the market.

  • quiet drive
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • integrated lithium battery
  • super fast charging technology

At first glance, it is the appearance, followed by technology and functions that cause enthusiasm. With only one simple touch of a button, the trolley can be opened and folded, we call that “shotgun action”. The 4 wheels can easily be removed and even together with a bag, the PROCADDIE fits in each locker. An LED display on the handle shows you speed, distances and battery capacity. A 3-step speed control stops procaddie after preselected distances (5–15–30 m) and, if desired, various electronic devices can be connected via USB port positioned underside the handle and charged. Another new and surprising feature are the adjustable bag straps. Two push buttons and the elastic straps can be adjusted, matching all the available bag sizes. Two silent micro motors and the state of the art lithium battery are hidden in the frame. Both components, motor and battery, are high-tech products “made in Germany”.

  • weigth: 10 kg
  • frame: aluminium
  • size: 86 x 28 x 59 cm (folded)
  • track width: 59 cm
  • voltage: 24 V
  • weight: 950 g
  • cycles: appx. 600
  • distance: > 27 holes
  • re-charge: appx. 220 min with 3 Ah


  • Bags
  • Umbrella holder
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Scorecard holder

Reliable, compact and easy to use. The MOCAD is one of Europe’s most successful lithium battery powered motorized golf trolleys. It has an easy and comfortable handling and, once folded, a very compact dimension. No other trolley is more compact and easier to fold – without braking it down into pieces.


  • lithium powered “made in Germany”
  • 36 months (!) unlimited warranty for the battery
  • weight inclusive battery under 9.9 kg
  • distance > 27 holes
  • foldable front wheel
  • foldable handle
  • fits into every locker, even with bag
  • electronically controlled brake system
  • frame made of aluminium


  • Bags
  • Umbrella holder
  • Battery 3.5
  • Charger 3.5