The concept of Welling-Putt OUTDOOR et INDOOR (if you have room!). An extremely complete and professional training mat.
To be placed on a green with slopes, or indoors if you have room enough.



  • length: 8 meter
  • WidthXL :3ft allowing play on reasonably steep slopes, especially when placed on a real green.
  • play 2 directions of play permitting back and forth movements and offering multiple exercises each with a different feel.
  • 2 graphical representations of holes at each end of the mat providing double play of both aim and feel (ping-pong)
  • 2 Welling-putt zones (see detail) for each direction of play 18 different « feel » zones
  • a continuous central line offering precious trajectory references

Exclusive: The “dead ball” zone allows extremely accurate aiming at the area where the ball must be played for long putts (also called 3 putts distance)

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