This CARTBAG is made in WATERPROOF technology. The nine outside pockets are all facing to the front, this allows a very easy access. Waterproof battery pocket on the backside. FULL DIVIDER system with separate chambers for each club going down to the bottom. The CARTBAG is 100 % waterproof, weighs just about 2600 grams and is made of a special-coated, waterproof nylon material. All pockets and seams are waterproof taped and sealed. Zipper tunnels prevent water from soaking into the bag and pockets.
SAFE ZONE velvet pocket for valuables. Honeycomb printing on side panels and a perfectly soft cushioned and balanced shoulder strap. Umbrella holder, two super-size cooler compartments in the side pockets and a rain cover make the bag completely.



  • bag weight 2600 g
  • divider size 9.5″